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7 Session Package



I'm feeling energetically much lighter, almost instantly after our healing. As time went on and the healing integrated, I am no longer triggered by my initial pain point, and my sense of worthiness and confidence has grown in a quantum leap. My ability to execute and create the life of my dreams feels much more accessible than it did before our healing!

- Cassondra K


What we do in an EPT™ Session

First, we collaborate to quickly address the root of your issue — by communicating with your subconscious body and locating exactly where in your physical body this issue is stored.


Then we resolve it by physically shifting this pattern out of your system and then — this part is key — we guide your brain to release the emotional (and sometimes survival) attachment to the unhealthy pattern.


After that, we create a new & aligned narrative for your system to implement, thus liberating you to show up to life more fully, more you.

Trauma Healing

Your trauma isn't the painful event that occurred — it's the way your system (mind, body, spirit) has chosen to respond to the event that occurred...

Many traditional therapies can bring you to look at your trauma, but cannot actually heal the trauma. Healing trauma requires a multidimensional approach.

If you've been stuck in a negative pattern, consider healing from the root cause of your unresolved conflict that is served by this type of negative pattern as a coping mechanism.


The time for lasting healing is now.

Are you doing all the *things* (self-work, therapy, “surrendering to the flow,” eating healthy, meditating, etc) and still feeling stuck or off?

It's time to upgrade your system. This is an indicator that your body does not feel safe leaving its old ways — so the beautiful habits you’ve built aren’t as effective as they should be until you resolve what the body is holding onto. The key in this resolution is being in receptivity and full acceptance of your life now. My clients say that a single session of EPT™ is like blasting through 10 years of talk therapy.

EPT™ works because we heal from the root of your unresolved issue instead of treating the symptoms. Our collaborative healing approach is multidimensional — we get your mind, body and spirit all on the same page and create a new way forward after releasing the past version of you. 


I have been working with Beth for many months & am consistently blown away at the insight & healing that comes through her healing sessions. She has helped me gain awareness & release old emotions that are no longer needed at present time. I am grateful for this process & Beth is a gifted, compassionate practitioner. I highly recommend her to help anyone get “unstuck” & more clear to move forward in life.

4Amanda B.jpg


I want to express my thanks for the work you've been doing with Amanda. Over the last several months, I have noticed a significant difference in Amanda's outlook on life. She has a renewed confidence, calmness, and sense of purpose that is truly transformative and uplifting. As a side effect, our relationship has grown even stronger; I feel our bond and love has elevated to a new level. I can feel it in my body. The growth Amanda has exhibited as a result of working with you has ignited a fire within myself to pursue similar personal growth. The work you are doing is clearly life changing, so please continue to do what you do best and bring good into this world.

5Emily Brown.png


Working with you was really different than working with others (compared to talk therapy, grief groups, energetic healings like Reiki sessions) – you were in direct communication and in tune with my body in ways that I never have been let alone others. You could pinpoint moments of when I took on an emotion or someone else's emotion/feelings. And we cleared it in really empowering ways that gave me agency and power back over my life – and those feelings carried me forward, I didn't just feel them in our session but the next day and the next. I truly felt things clear my body and energy, especially big energetic clearings/beliefs/patterns/emotions. Thank you for everything.


Beth Porter


Hi, I'm Beth Porter.

Since 2018, I've been in collaboration with soul-seekers all around the world, helping them to remember who they are by returning to wholeness.

​I am a designer turned healer, with a certification in facilitating trauma healing via Emotional Polarity Technique™.


In our work together, I lead you in transmuting your unique wounding (traumas, unprocessed emotions, pain, limiting beliefs, past life imprinting, etc.) so that you can show up in this world fully as You.

Are you ready for immediate relief, renewed self-trust & positive energy in your life?

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