90 Minute Healing Breakthrough

**Available to new clients only**

In this 1:1 healing intensive, I pin-point the blocks that are standing in your way RIGHT NOW. (*hint* your current issue  is connected to an unresolved conflict in your past.) I lead you to resolve the conflict and create a new picture for your life so you may move forward with ease, energy, inspiration and confidence.

Blast through 

years of 

talk therapy

in a single


it's time for

accelerated growth


 I connect to your body’s subconscious wisdom to target exactly where you are blocked or getting stuck. Your blocks are connected to an unresolved root memory containing unprocessed negative emotions. 


Together, we release these emotions and I guide you to resolve the old narrative. Keeping your nervous system in a state of healing, I pay close attention to what kind of support your body needs during the session.


After we release the associated negative emotional pattern, we offer a new story for your system that supports the direction you desire for your life. 

A beautiful transformation occurs, and you move forward with a greater connection to your authentic self.

Are you doing all the *things* (self-work, therapy, “surrendering to the flow,” eating healthy, meditations, etc) and not seeing the results you desire?

It's time to upgrade your system. This is an indicator that your body does not feel safe leaving its old ways — so the beautiful habits you’ve built aren’t as effective as they should be until you resolve what the body is holding onto.


if you are:

Ready to have agency over your own healing

Stuck or feeling lost in your life — unsure of why you can’t seem to get it together when others can

Tired of giving your power away to other authorities to tell you who you are and how to be in this world

Ready for lasting change, so you can finally stop revisiting the same issues over & over

Desiring a DIFFERENT approach to your emotional healthcare — releasing old sh*t that doesn’t serve you

Ready to forgive yourself for being caught up in it for too long & allowing your body to tell you the real WHY behind your current struggles

Outgrowing the old you... and ready for a rapid UPLEVEL into your authentic self

Looking to resolve known or unknown traumas that are holding you back

Exhausted and SO F*CKING OVER trying to be some version of you that doesn’t feel right

Extremely Discerning

You are so safe and loving. You are real and let yourself be a human. I feel like you get it, you've been there. I felt so, so safe. I have come into contact with healers that are not skilled enough in their boundaries and what they pass along to the clients, those can sometimes cause more injury than they seek to solve. You were so professional. I could tell you were being extremely discerning and moving through each step with profound care.

Victoria M. | California

Ready for


I created a 12 Week Transformation Accelerator to liberate you to re-align with WHO YOU ARE HERE TO BE. This is a healing & transformation container that combines all the tools that have effectively created rapid transformation in my own life and the lives of my clients!