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Hello, I am Beth Porter, the human behind Earth & Ether. Earth & Ether was born from the path of nurturing my interests in unconditional love, healing, self-development, philosophical study, and my deep desire to help others uncover the sense of truth I discovered when I reconnected with my soul.


I believe we heal the world when we heal ourselves.


I am interested in the study of this truth: that we are all deeply connected and uniquely individual at the same time. And part of the process of restoring wholeness is discovering how to interact with self and others in ways that promote nourishment, generativity and reciprocation — which requires a high degree of nuance and devotion.

I saw the angel in the marble & carved until I set him free.


My life experiences have taken me through many, many deep waters and intense initiations. I have an affinity for "going there" to lovingly clean up the dark areas of our psyche — a gift for transmuting density into lightness. My fascination with the human condition and our capacity for transformation fuels my personal and professional practice.


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My Current Curriculum

A teacher of mine uses the phrase "soul-curriculum" to describe the larger, seasonal lessons one is moving through at different points in life.


Over the course of my life, I've noticed that my personal stories of trials, tribulations and triumphs have supported others in their journey. When I discovered my 3/5 profile in Human Design, this started to make more sense to me.


I know that part of my purpose is to share my life experimentations with others as a form of wisdom. Not everyone is meant to experiment in the way I am, so I'm here to offer short-cuts, wisdom and insights into the meaning of this existence.


I also believe that as a conscious collective, we are moving away from the guru-mentality. As a healer, guide, mentor, teacher, human, etc... it is important to me that I am constantly anchored into integrity. For me, this looks like truly honoring where I am in relationship to reality. Meaning, I don't act like I'm somewhere I'm not or feed a perception that isn't true (i.e. pretending to be more "evolved" or "conscious" in my journey than I am).


In my effort to contribute to the reality where we are all sovereign, valuable, intelligent beings I am sharing my current soul-curriculum in spaces that make sense for it.

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  • Re-discovering who I am if everything were "taken away"

  • Letting go of the energy of struggle wherever I can

  • Disconnecting from my productivity loop and reprogramming my relationship to rest and creativity

  • Healing deep relationship, codependency and attachment wounding as I'm learning how to cultivate a loving, harmonious partnership in my marriage

  • Dialing up my relationship to vulnerability and connection through my heart-portal

  • Generating capacity to holding a greater loving, intentional presence

  • Keeping my energy field clear, bright and true

  • Cultivating unwavering trust in mySelf, God, the Universe, Source and Resource

Resources & Downloads

I hold an affinity for "going there" to lovingly clean up the dark areas of our psyche

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Connect with Beth

For questions, comments or media requests please reach out directly at

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