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12 Week Transformation Accelerator 

heal your old sh*t,

uncover your purpose & live your most empowered life


Feeling it? The stirrings of your soul. The awakening that is happening individually and collectively, but are unsure of where you fit in and how to move forward? 

Tired of knowing that your life could be — and should be — fulfilling, but are stuck in loops of negative, self-sabotaging patterns that keep you from making meaningful progress?

Hitting the same walls over and over again when it comes to feeling a deep love and respect for yourself?

Confused about how to get where you want to go in life — paralyzed by the fear that you’ll be opening “pandora’s box” if you invest in your healing and growth?

Sick of feeling lost and hopeless when it comes to liberating your soul’s purpose and igniting a deeply intentional life?

Deeply inspired by other change-makers in the world, but feeling like you can’t activate that spirit within you? 


the time to thrive is NOW

End the limiting beliefs, negative patterns, confusion and chaos.


Claim your worth! It’s time to step into the divine manifestation of who you are here to be. 




When you are living in your highest, most authentic expression, everyone benefits! 


I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for YOU. Things have started all coming together and I could never have imagined that I could feel this way and that I could actually strive for a purpose and career that I have always seen as a "risk".  You help me clear out the stories in my head that don't have to be true, and see what can be. You also directed me to where I needed to go. I was so desperate to find some stability, that I was willing to walk away from what is in my Human Design. Without spending this time with you, it would have taken me forever (or never) to realize what I am actually here for.

-Amanda B. | Ohio

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Blasting through 10 years of talk therapy in a single session 

Liberation from the pain and suffering that is blocking you from your highest self

Unlocking your purpose, tapping into your intuition and working tangibly to align with it

Releasing your old story to live by your unique blueprint — honoring who you are here to be in this life

Owning the tools to manage fear and uncertainty no matter what happen

Feeling lighter and more in control — allowing YOU to co-create with your life instead of letting life happen to you

Releasing the generational suffering and trauma that you’ve carried for your family system — let go of the baggage that weighs you down

Stepping confidently into your worth — knowing your divine RIGHT to be here 

Loving life! And seeing obstacles and negative emotions as valuable information to better serve your path

Embodying what self-love looks like and feels like

here to


is a 12 week transformation accelerator to heal your old sh*t, uncover your purpose & live your most empowered life 

You will receive:

Welcome Kit

+with your high-vibe transformation tools

Intuitive Grounding Session

+let the alchemy begin! 


Bi-weekly Transformational Healing Sessions

+pin-point, unblock & resolve what is keeping you stuck


Your Unique Human Design Reading

+with Life Application Principles


North Node Life-Direction Session­

+connect to where you are headed! 


Tailored Transformation Map

 +based on your specific journey & needs


Weekly Specialized Homework + Action Steps


Curated Guided Meditations

+additional support at any time of day 


Closing Ceremony

+honor your transformation


WHY work with ME?



I’ve been where you are — and it took me a LONG time and a lot of tools to get where I am now




I’m honest, clear and gentle. I know transformation can seem exciting at first and then get scary. I am here every step of the way. 


I also know that every block, issue & problem we are facing offers us the opportunity for healing + transformation. They are recorded in our bodies and linked to an unresolved conflict. I know how to pin-point the specific issues and release the story your brain is attached to. I combine the resolution of the problem with my ability to hold your future-vision of who you are here to be.


I offer unparalleled support through your transition.


I hold the container for your 

growth like it is my own. 

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