Hi, I'm Beth Porter

Combining my intuitive gifts as a seer & healer with powerful transformation tools, I guide you in unblocking your shi*t and re-discovering what your soul is here to be.


Intuitive Healing & Transformation Guide

I facilitate massive transformation through the healing of old stories, wounds and traumas; liberating YOU to live your most authentic and empowered life.

Get Unstuck

I have been working with Beth for many months & am consistently blown away at the insight & healing that comes through her healing sessions. She has helped me gain awareness & release old emotions that are no longer needed at present time. I am grateful for this process & Beth is a gifted, compassionate practitioner. I highly recommend her to help anyone get “unstuck” & more clear to move forward in life.

Michelle V. | Colorado

What People Are 


Our bodies have an
incredible intelligence and are always positioning us to heal, evolve and expand.

About Me


I’m a seer & healer tapped into my intuitive gifts. I am a certified Emotional Polarity Technique™ practitioner, and I use this modality to connect to your subconscious body and uncover and resolve old patterns, wounds and traumas that are coloring your life experience. My work centers around empowering you to connect with and live by your inner wisdom in your highest authentic expression.


My Cosmic Profile

Sun | Leo

Moon | Sagittarius

Rising | Virgo

HD | 3/5 Generator