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The 3 Magical Steps to Living the Life of Your Dreams!

The 3 steps to liberating your soul & healing all of your problems so you can be perfect #bestlifeever!

I'm Kidding

Wouldn't that be nice? To simply follow the steps, in the “right order,” to get what you want out of life? It's a sneaky misconception that healing, and life itself, runs along a linear process. Even when you KNOW this isn't true, it is so ingrained in our culture that it's easy to forget. Life isn't meant to be linear. And there is no perfect, 5-step (or 10-step) solution to becoming the best version of yourself or manifesting the life of your dreams.

Your Energy, Your Story, Your Heart is Sacred

Protect your energy from the people and influences in your life that feed these (and other) false narratives. You are a divine, intuitive being. Develop a relationship to your heart — and trust yourself. Share your intimate life questions and vulnerabilities with individuals who have earned your trust, who have the capacity to hold you in ALL of your truth. Many programs and coaches, teachers and mentors will provide you with their multi-step framework because that is what speaks to our mind's desire to be “right." Our mind really wants to KNOW that we are taking the right step forward. That we will, for sure, get the outcome we desire from whatever we put our time, money and energy into. Our ego wants security in this insecure world.

Living in Uncertainty

But as we know, everything in life is uncertain. And when we shift into a place of complete knowing-ness, we give our power away to a specific moment in time. We lose the ability to stay open, flexible and curious to discover our own voice and path. Our practice then is — to learn to live and love through uncertainty. To carve out our paths based on our own inner truth. Based on our hearts. And, that requires an incredible amount of courage to cultivate that relationship with yourself.

Cultivating Your Inner Trust

You are meant to be living life from your reality, which is in the now — the present. And while that feels like a cool thing to say, it can be incredibly challenging to put in place when we are conditioned to believe we are supposed to be everywhere else but here:

  • I should be married by now

  • I should have kids by now

  • I should be thinner, more fit, less anxious…

  • I should be richer, more spiritual, healthier…

  • The list goes on...

It’s a practice to cultivate a trusted inner-response of living in your present reality. Which is a really beautiful thing, in my opinion. All I have to “do” is return to the present and allow whatever is needed at that time to show up for me. My heart will lead the way. #thisissurrender If we have unresolved traumas, our system can feel unsafe being in the now. It will take whatever action it can to escape the present moment — stay busy, numb, overgive, work hard, people please, start a fight with someone, etc... So, try to notice when you’re not being present. And, instead of criticizing yourself, find acceptance for that truth. Then, invite your whole being to come to presence. Slow your breath. Anchor into your body. Feel the energy dropping to the base of your spine. Feel supported by the seat beneath you. And continue breathing. Even just for a few minutes. Slow down your mind, slow down your body, tell yourself it’s safe to be still.


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