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5 Powerful Do's & Don'ts for losing weight

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

1 • Do witness & accept your feelings of shame. Don't ignore the shame.

Shame is one of the heaviest vibrations we can carry in our system. And, the key to any transformation is acceptance. (See my blog about acceptance here.) Begin to notice all the ways (big and small) you currently shame yourself - or feel shame projected from others. In those moments, simply witness the shame. Call it forward and tend to it. Start a dialogue with it. Maybe even write a letter to it to see what it has to say.

2 • Do make the choice to lose weight. Don't sabotage yourself with your language.

With intention, claim what you desire. With specificity, decide your intended outcome. Stop using language like “I'm trying to lose weight” instead, shift to “I choose to lose weight now.” Can you feel the difference? There is a subtle, and powerful, shift in energy behind the new statement. The word “trying” indicates a process. And the statement with “trying” is essentially claiming more of the energy of trying to lose weight – not seeing the results of actually losing weight. It's more effective and powerful to claim what you choose to do instead of try to do it. See what I mean?

If it feels hard to claim it in this way – decide you will figure out why. Journal about it. Ask yourself why it is hard to claim this choice, to make the decision. Under the why, there is some self-healing that can occur if you invite it. You can work up a statement that more accurately reflects where you are today while informing what you have decided and where you are headed – like this one: “Even though I haven't seen myself do this before, I choose to lose excess weight." Or, "even though I am not sure how this will occur yet, I've decided I'm losing all weight that I no longer need.” Once that statement clears – meaning, it is locked in and you are ready for a new one, you can create a new statement that is closer to your desired outcome. It's kind of fun, right?

3 • Do make the choice to lose weight — yes, again. Don't be afraid to decide.

We often don't claim what we desire for fear that we'll just be disappointed if we don't get it. If this is coming up for you, ask yourself how you handle disappointment. Ask yourself if you capable of being disappointed. Chances are the answer is easy – yes. I've been disappointed many times in my life and it's really not a big deal. I can cry, I can see my healer, I can tell my husband and receive support. Choose to let go of fearing disappointment – you're not fragile. You're powerful. So, claim what you desire!

If you're still feeling afraid to decide, another thing to ask yourself is this: What do I believe would go wrong if I lost this weight? Why do I want to keep this weight on? If I lost this weight, who would I be hurting… who would I be abandoning?

4 • Do view yourself from a holistic, multi-faceted lens. Don't only focus on the physical aspects of losing weight (food & exercise).

Understand that excess weight can be linked to an emotional issue. If you aren't getting results from the physical aspects (like food & exercise), then this might be something to consider. Our bodies are always positioning us to heal and evolve – so when I work with someone, I like to look for the “mirror” that shows us what is happening inside energetically. Weight can point to a variety of factors and is generally a personal and nuanced issue. Some of these factors could be: body image beliefs, genetics, protection from a past trauma (we see this a lot with sexual abuse survivors), inherited or generational trauma, a famine in the family lineage (yep, for real), loyalties to the overweight folks in your family, etc... So, if the food and exercise thing isn't working for you, know there are other routes that can help!

5 • Do know that you are worthy. Don't get caught up in the idea of deserving or not deserving.

The truth is — you are inherently worthy. Like, just AS worthy as Beyonce. Don't get caught in believing you deserve it or don't deserve it. Deserving energy is CONFUSION to your system. It puts you in a place of bargaining, measurement, tit-for-tat, enough vs not enough.

We often see the word “deserve” as a synonym to “worth” – or even as a qualifier of worth. If you think about it, that doesn't even make sense. If you're inherently worthy, how are you deserving or not deserving worthiness?

Chew on that one a bit and let me know what you think ;) If you want to see this idea explored further – join my upcoming live healing sessions – see below for details.

Upcoming Live Healing Sessions

Exciting News! ❤️‍🔥 I am facilitating a series of LIVE healing sessions where we will dive into common aspects I work with in my private practice. If you've been curious about my work, this is a beautiful opportunity to check it out, ask questions and get personalized recommendations. Put the sessions on your calendar & grab the zoom link below.

💸 MONEY: 10/19 • Opening to the flow of money without guilt, regardless of where it comes from

🙏 WORTHINESS: 10/22 • Letting go of deserving & entitlement energy 🪞BODY IMAGE: 10/25 • Healing the relationship with your body

🤷‍♀️ CONFUSION & LACK: 11/2 • Getting stuck in the logistical “how” when stepping into your soul path (i.e. money-scarcity, time-scarcity)

🌪 ANXIETY: Healing the root of your anxiety. Date Coming soon!


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