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5 Ways to Soothe Your Grief Now

The path of healing is not linear. There are no perfect prescriptions, formulas or rules. It's messy as hell & I'm here to guide you through it.

In my free grief guide, I offer you 5 ways to soothe your grief — NOW. This particular guide is centered around the specific grief experience connected to loss. In it I share “actions” you can take to help move the energy of grief through your system, however, these actions are meant to support your natural “being-ness.” Actions help us to embody and stand behind the concepts that are more etheric in nature. Some of them will feel natural to you, and some may feel challenging. Know that it is all ok. My prayer for you 🙏 — to allow grief to run through you in its entirety. To surrender to its particular alchemizing frequency. To trust you are loved, held and supported through this process. Life is here to support you. I am here to support you. I've encoded this offering with my truth and grace. If you feel alone in your process, know that I'm with you. I'm on your team. And I promise you're not alone. Should you be looking for deeper support through private healing sessions, reach out to learn about my 5-session grief container.


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