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Are you Afraid of Opening Your Pandora’s Box?

Have you ever paused at the idea of seeing a therapist or seeking healing for fear of opening up your version of Pandora's Box?

I remember worrying about that the first time I met with my healer, Andrea. I was terrified of the potential implications of discovering exactly how “screwed up” I was. I feared that my perfectionistic and competitive side would take over and cause me obsess over fixing myself. And, deep down I feared the unknown. I feared all that I couldn't see.

My inner-dialogue sounded something like this: “What if I step into this space and I cannot go back? What if I open this unclosable, never-ending rabbit hole that endlessly drains my bank account as I try to put myself back together. What if I can never be put back together? What if this just confirms how broken I am?”

I distinctly remember in my first session asking Andrea, “But, HOW do you actually transform?” I remember feeling fully welcomed in her presence as she reflected back the tangible ways I had already experienced my own transformations. (One of those was literally training my body & lungs to run a ½ marathon without the need of my inhaler.) But, that question “HOW?” was my mind's way of trying to secure the “right” path in a place where there are infinite paths.

When we know the how of something, we can feel safe taking the “risk.” But, by the very definition, it's not a risk at all. ;)

The truth about Pandora's box (as the story goes) is that underneath allllllll of the ugly stuff — the curses, the pain, the fear — was actually hope, lightness, possibility. The truth about our Universe is there's space for it ALL. There is space for the densest of energies and the lightest of energies. And when we have the courage to venture into the dark, dense parts ourselves, and love them, we liberate what is underneath and we claim more of our wholeness.

Since opening my healing practice in 2018, I've now witnessed an abundance of beautiful souls (more than 100) step forward to initiate their own transformation. And, it's true — we DO often touch on the areas that are scary as SHIT to look at. But I'm here to guide the way, to hold you, and to walk you to the other side. 🕊

So back to my question for Andrea: How do you actually transform? You listen to and answer the call of your heart. When the title of that book keeps showing up in your life, that teacher's work intrigues you, or your pressing anxiety causes you to ask a friend for help…

You listen to and answer the call of your heart

You enact your COURAGE and step forward Step by step, building fortitude and trust Into and through the unknown… It's ballsy AF to open your Pandora's box

And I'm here for it, ready to dive in with you

Are you ready to live a Heart-Forward life? It's time to set your heart on fire — what are you waiting for?

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