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Ever Heard of Emotional Polarity Technique?

EPT (Emotional Polarity Technique) is my FAVORITE healing modality. I started experiencing EPT™ seven years ago, and haven't looked back since. I was looking for something deeper than talk therapy or counseling... something that created actual, tangible change in my life — not just in my awareness. A friend of mine told me about this woman in town that she worked with. I don't remember how she described it to me, but I remember thinking, “I've gotta try this out.” I've been hooked ever since and in 2017 I decided to get certified myself.

I'm one of those self-development NERDS. I always have been. In my corporate design jobs, I even led team-building events based off of those self-improvement systems like Strengths Finder (for fun, not extra pay)! My friends used to (lovingly) poke fun at my constant stream of self-help reading. 🤓

  • I love that we can re-wire our brains to work differently.

  • I love that we can re-pattern unhealthy habits to become healthy.

  • I love that we can address and change physical problems through healing our emotional wounds.

  • All of this still BLOWS MY MIND and makes me feel empowered to create a life that is worth living & enjoying.

  • I absolutely love that we have this power as humans.

And I also know that unhealthy deep-rooted narratives, generational trauma and even past-life karma can intersect and create "kinks" in our subconscious programming. That is why I work with EPT. EPT addresses the root of your issue — by communicating with your subconscious body and locating exactly where in your physical body this issue is stored. We go into that issue and resolve it by physically shifting this pattern out of your body and then, this part is key, we guide your brain to release the emotional attachment to the unhealthy pattern. After that, we create a new and aligned narrative for your brain to implement, thus giving you the FREEDOM to step into the higher version of yourself! 🎉 We do all of this while honoring trauma (which is a whole other topic I'll share more on another day.)

Look, the truth is: healing is messy, non-linear, intensely vulnerable, requires change (which can be scary)... and more. I won't pretend that this process always looks pretty or instagrammable.

But, the result is profound & lasting positive change in your life. The result is freedom from old wounds that keep you small, angry, unsatisfied and struggling in life. If you're stuck and you know there is something more for you here — I want to be that safe space for you heal and move forward. To experience life through a lens of love, connectedness, grace and safety; not shame, not smallness, not protection, and not separation.

Take a peek into a session in this video below 👇


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