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Have Your *Best* Month This Month

Today I'm sharing a fun and creative practice of how I cultivate an aligned relationship with what I desire for the upcoming month. I call forward and anchor the energies I desire to experience by pre-celebrating the month ahead. Read below!

Celebrate the Month Ahead — Now!

Here's what that looks like. Tap into ALL that you experienced in this upcoming month. All the ways you navigated life and allowed life to flow through you, lead you, put you back on your path, teach you, show you how loved and supported you truly are.

Essentially, write the script of what you'd like to see occur. And finely tune it to your own truth and what kind of experience really gets you jazzed. For example, if you know you've got a big presentation at work this month, write out how amazing it went and describe the way you felt in the experience. If you're feeling courageous, write out what happened after that presentation and how it positively affected the goals you already have set for yourself. Start to fill in the gaps of all the ways you saw, experienced and witnessed God/Universe/Spirit/Your Higher Self showing up for you and arranging life to support you.

I recommend capturing it in some way that feels natural for you to tune into yourself. So, set aside uninterrupted time that is quiet, take a few grounding breaths, put a smile on your face, light a candle and start writing... If you aren't vibing with journaling yet, you can record a voice note on your phone instead.

Step 1 Use the following thought-starter prompts to get you going

  • What did you experience this month?

  • What did you create?

  • What did you let go of?

  • What areas of life received gifts, upgrades and refinement?

  • How present were you?

  • How did you allow yourself to receive support?

  • How did you handle the tough things that came up?

  • What did you change?

  • What were you devoted to?

  • What are you proud of?

  • How did you experience desire?

Step 2 Ask for a tangible tool to anchor this energy

After you capture the vibes of your month, ask your crew (your guides, your heart, God, Angels, Universe, Higher Self, etc) how you can best anchor this energy through a tangible tool. Then commit to using this tool daily and often to cultivate and activate the vibes, the energy, the qualities of life you're looking to play with this month that you've already identified in the exercise above.

This is where things get super fun and specific to you — an anchoring tool that resonates with me may not be what you need to remind yourself of this co-creation that is already occurring. That said, here are some examples of anchoring tools that have come up for me in the past:

  • Commit to a daily journaling practice

  • Bring sea salt into your daily showers and "cleanse" your energy with it

  • Write out affirmations, declarations or incantations and record a voice note to listen to daily

  • Put a reminder on your phone at 11:11am to get up and dance while being in the energy of this month's celebrations

  • Cultivate a posture of receiving by scheduling in weekly downtime, where you are not creating or consuming anything new or extra

  • Tell your partner or friend (someone who can hold your dreams) what you are calling in this month from the energy of what you "expect" to see happen for you

  • Schedule a fresh haircut

As you can see from the list above... these "anchors" aren't special, it's the instructions from your heart that you are meant to follow. Trust what comes through for you first and go with it! Experiment with how it feels to play with these energies and trust what is here for you. And then, watch it all unfold and celebrate your month in real-time!

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