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How to Lift Yourself Out of Doubt

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I've been there. I was there this week and last week. I am there more often than I'd like to be... but, the way I see it is this — if you're choosing to live a life of your dreams... If you're choosing to create NEW outcomes for yourself, for your family and for your life that no one else has done before, DOUBT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. This is all part of walking the path of the heart. And doubt is a key part of what you must overcome (again and again) to learn to trust your inner power and the unseen power of the universe around you.

So, here's what I've been doing to help myself get out of doubt and rise above the field of worry.

When I catch myself in devastating "what if" thinking...

What if it all goes wrong? What if I just continue to lose money and never get out of debt? What if I do this and everyone I know stops loving me, stops talking to me, talks behind my back? What if.. what if.. what if?

I pause. I take a deep breath. And I invite the opposite in...

What if it does all work out? What if I am on the right track? What if it is a wild success? What if, by me showing up fully as who I truly am with grace and compassion, I actually connect more deeply to the people I know and love? What if the Divine plan is exactly what I feel in my heart? What does it look like for me to keep going?

And then begin to feel into that side of the "what if." I feel into it as deeply as I can in the moment. And for me, journaling is a really effective way to keep the feeling growing. So I will take that prompt into my journal and write out all of the positive scenarios that can come from the "what if side" that I actually want in to happen in my life.

I remind myself that both scenarios are possible, and it is by my choice, which one ends up happening in my life. We are so damn powerful.

And I remind myself that my past does not determine my future — it is our current state of being that calls in our future. "Do not look back and hash over hard times, or you'll be drawn back into these conditions." - Florence Scovel Shinn. So my current to-do is to tend to my present state and cultivate a higher, more aligned frequency attuned to the TRUTH, not to the fears and doubts. This is how I start to move from doubt to self trust.

Florence Scovel Shinn, author of The Game of Life and How to Play It, suggests that there is only one true power in this world — the power of good. The power of evil is something our minds create (and manifest into this world). So if we believe in the one true power and that power is of good, then everything that appears to be bad and wrong is actually working in our favor (and it "gets" to work in our favor when we believe it is).

Rise above the field of doubt and worry and put your attention on the energy of good.

This is the trick. And it's a simple concept with a varying degree of difficulty in execution. For example: if you've lived a life on a foundation of lack and scarcity, it will likely take more time and more practice in shifting this inner way of being.

Shift the narrative from doubt and fear to one of trust and faith in the direction of your desires. Commit to shifting it over and over and over, until trust and faith are your default. Perseverance pays off, I promise. It all adds up.

Here is a sweet little track to listen to as you write out the potentials of your "positive what ifs."

You've got this. We've got this. I believe in you.

"You see, this journey of the heart isn't about quick fixes or magically waking up one day with a “perfect” life – this journey is one step after another – unwinding the untruths and replacing them with truths. Building relationships, first to yourself and your body, then to others around you. And sooner or later, building a relationship with something bigger than you – the Divine largeness that lives inside of you and loves you from the inside, out." - from my soul-sister and retreat co-hoster, Katy Long


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