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The Crucial Role of Forgiveness in the Healing Process

“Forgiveness requires a quantum leap — as true understanding lies outside the domain of the mind.” - Richard Rudd

I was on a podcast, hosted by Angela Saieva of Equine Elevation exploring the concept of forgiveness. We discuss the collective confusion around this topic (due to widely distorted messages around how to forgive, past religious trauma, etc...) as well as its crucial role in the healing process.

A year ago Angela came to me after her horse, Indy, suggested she try EPT. Wild, right? She tells a little about that story on the episode. Listen here or click the image below.

In the episode, I share about the EPT™ process that leads you to being ready to make that quantum leap from your rational mind into your healing soul.

"I see compassion as a vehicle that helps you to drive the 'forgiveness lane.' When you are connected to the energy of compassion, you are also connected to the higher energy of grace. Compassion is one of those emotional tools that we can cultivate, so that when we are presented with opportunities to heal, we automatically know how to extend that to a situation or person." - Beth Porter


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