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Journaling & Mantra to Liberate Your Desires

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Hello, hello!

Below is a journaling + mantra practice that is supporting my clients and myself in being able to deeply tune into my desires and bring them to form.

This exercise is MEATY — and I recommend setting aside 20-30 mins to do this. Light a candle and set an intention to be open. To enter the world of possibility.


  1. Get clear on what you desire in your life (or an area of your life) & why? Let yourself go underneath what your mind thinks is possible — what does your heart desire? Get specific about why you desire this “thing/essence/experience.” Then write how this would benefit you, how this would benefit the people around you and how it benefits the world. Really let yourself go there — tell yourself the truth about your potential impact.

  2. Notice any weird thoughts, funky or straight-up limiting beliefs that surface. Write them out.

  3. Go through each funky thought and ask yourself if this is the ULTIMATE truth? Is it 100% set in stone? Then rewrite what IS the truth you are choosing to believe instead. If you notice where this belief comes from (i.e. when I was in 3rd grade & this thing happened) — simply forgive it and make space to choose the more supportive, more expansive belief.

  4. Then, FEEL what it would feel like if you already had what is is you desire. Feel it in your body. Where is it? What emotions would show up? Are you excited, peaceful, full, calm, electric? What would you be thinking if you already had what it is you desire? What kinds of thoughts would be running through your head if this was a standard in your life? What would you be doing? What would you be experiencing? How would you be showing up in your life?

  5. Commit to spending time in the feelings, in this new truth for the next 7 days. Set a reminder — I find creating a mantra audio track that walks me through the specific feelings and experiences I am desiring is very helpful. Hearing your own voice speak to you with conviction is incredibly powerful. Below are some examples of how this might look for you!

Mantra/Affirmation Audio Track:

Write statements that feel aligned with where you are headed and then — record yourself reading them on your voice notes app. Commit to consciously listening to it daily for a period of time. Feel the feelings, intentionally call them in so you can be filled with them.

Here are some examples of statements (if they do not resonate with you be sure to make adjustments so they do):

  • I am ok… I am allllll ok. I can’t f*ck this up. I can trust myself to be who I am.

  • The world deeply desires to support me. I am always guided. If I happen to miss anything, I’m always directed right back into the right place.

  • Exactly where I am right now — in my heart, in my life, in my relationships, in my career, in my health is exactly where I am supposed to be.

  • Everything is working for me — it is all happening for my good, in my favor, in the right timing — I am willing to see things from a supportive perspective.

  • I love seeing all the support in my life — from _______ (list out all the ways you are seeing and experiencing support) — look how f*cking supported I am. I love living life in this way, doing it with others, learning and growing with ease. It’s fun! It’s meaningful. I am here for a meaningful, purposeful experience.

  • I choose to trust and know that I am OK. I am more than OK.

  • With this I can see how to be more flexible and open to fully receive life.

  • I am creating a new default in my system — one where I feel SO damn good every day and when things are slightly out of alignment my awareness kicks in and shows me what to do, how to be and when to lean back and receive the next step.

  • I am so supported. I am so loved. I am so guided.

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