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The Healing Paradigm Has Shifted

There are now more empowering ways to change your life than going to therapy week after week, talking about the same story over and over. Being prescribed antidepressants at the drop of the hat… creating more numbness in your system so you don't even realize there is something off in the healing process.

There is real, lasting change available that doesn't take forever and doesn't have you giving your power away to some other authority. That's what EPT™ offers – it's a totally different approach to emotional healthcare. It brings you back home to you.

I collaborate with my clients in my private container, as a guide & practitioner, holding their vision for their lives. We set intentions, we call up the “blocks” (pain/fear/wounding/traumas) that are keeping them stuck. We heal – through my EPT™ process – each session reclaiming the TRUTH of who they are.

And they literally change their whole life.

At the beginning of her container, I asked my last client to describe how she'd like to experience life a YEAR from now. Only HALF WAY through our container, she was living that life. ALREADY. She had already tried therapy & medicine and nothing worked for her – her situations kept escalating (she described it as 'living on a scary rollercoaster') until our work together.

She didn't need someone to help her analyze the pattern in her mind. She didn't need a drug to dumb-down her senses. She needed REAL RESOLUTION of a situation that happened when she was a kid.

She needed to know the truth of who she is – not what that situation made her believe about herself. She needed to be able to operate from her adult self – not her child self, that had no resources to fully navigate and understand life. She to let herself off the damn hook. She needed acceptance, compassion & forgiveness.

This is where change happens.

Since she blasted through her YEAR-GOAL so quickly in our container, we got to shift her belief in what is truly possible and available to her in this life. She began intentionally co-creating from what he soul desires – and believing in how absolutely 100% capable she is to live out the life meant for her.

If you're in therapy, if you've tried the self-help books, if you're doing all the meditations and your shit isn't turning around, you gotta find something else. The work is meant to WORK. You are not broken. If the tool isn't working – it's not for you. You have to try something else – because nothing changes if nothing changes.

EPT™ creates lasting change immediately – which is why I've dedicated my life to sharing it with the world. It gave me hope and clarity. It helped me through the darkest experiences in my life, reminding me that I am a WHOLE, WORTHY, WILD human with a pulsing purpose inside. It helped me heal after deep traumas, after losing someone to suicide, after going full-time in my business just as the pandemic hit…

And it's helped my clients – rediscover who they truly are, ignite their confidence and passion for life, get pregnant after years of trying, heal chronic fatigue, heal their panic disorder, move on from devastating grief, go on to build the life they truly want… the list literally goes on.

So, if you're desiring true change in your life, desiring your relationships with yourself and others to improve, to know your purpose, to feel fucking good about living in this crazy ass world… I'm inviting you in to my container – this is what we do.


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