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Trauma Tricks Us into Believing we are Separate

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Did you catch my live healing session? If not, here is a link to watch the replay.

In our session we uncovered an old trauma that Katy was holding from age 9. The memory we were led to was something she hadn't thought about in years, and still this particular experience programmed her psyche to trigger the heavy emotion of guilt (among a few other emotions) when she received support in life. Since she didn't want to be burdened by this overwhelming guilt, she developed an intelligent coping mechanism of “doing it all herself” and not asking for or even believing she was worthy of receiving support in her life.

Trauma tricks our brain and body into thinking we are alone. That we are separate (from ourselves and others). And that we are responsible for the trauma event in some way.

In our session, we reconciled this experience that sweet Katy had at age nine as well as dissolved her responsibility of taking on her parents' current emotions. Now Katy has more access to HERSELF — and in situations moving forward, she can ask for & receive support without the guilt.

Feeling Stuck?

I work with private clients in specialized, tailored containers to heal and transform. If you're interested in exploring EPT™ as an option for you, set up a free consult with me to learn more. This is great for you if you're feeling stuck around an old pattern, feeling an uptick in anxiety, unable to kick a physical ailment, etc.

What People Are Saying

“Beth! I cannot even begin to tell you the number of dots we connected together during our session. It was so pivotal for me to be able to link my current patterns of behavior to an incredibly tender moment from my childhood, and it's unlocked so much understanding and freedom for me. I also researched the part of the body that spoke during our session and led us to these memories, and what I found was magical and spot-on! Truly just wowed.

Before I was a bit nervous, but totally ready to dive deep — which we sure as hell did! Afterwards, I feel both physically and emotionally freer! I had a session with my talk therapist the next day and even she was able to notice a difference in my energy. It's only continued to ripple out into other areas of my life, and I truly cannot wait for another session.”



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