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What Can EPT™ Help You With?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

I first experienced EPT™ (Emotional Polarity Technique) after leaving a toxic relationship. When I was 27, I gathered the courage to leave my high school sweetheart of 10 years. I gained massive clarity after the liberation of making such a huge, difficult decision for myself. Things started to fall into place… My whole life changed due to honoring what was in my heart:

  • my desire to heal

  • my desire to know myself & love myself

  • my desire to create a better life, to feel in control of creating my life

Once I got clear on what I wanted, I began following the breadcrumbs that led me to each next thing — at first it was books, a new job, new friendships, then a healer (enter EPT™)... Our intuition is always pointing us in the right direction. The key is to build the skill of listening to it and taking action. When I tried EPT™, I had no idea what kind of impact it would have on my life. I just knew I liked it. And I continued seeing my healer on a regular basis. With each, I session uncovered a deep layer of my misalignment and fragmentation. And each session offered me more GRACE and self compassion than I had ever experienced before. I became self empowered. I saw myself as worthy of my desires. And, I began to learn how to detect the voice of my intuition. It has been a constant in my life for over seven years now. And in 2018 I decided to become certified so I could help others make the kinds of transformations I’ve watched myself make.

Since then, I've been helping my clients with issues like:

  • Self Acceptance and Self Love

  • Boundaries

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Spiritual Crises

  • Autoimmune Conditions (like eczema, acne, chronic pain, chronic fatigue)

  • Grief and Loss

  • Fertility


  • Forgiveness

  • Trauma

  • The list goes on…

This kind of work guides us directly to the ROOT of the problem. The story, the experience, the exact space in your body that is holding the illness, misalignment or imbalance. From that place we release what you’re holding onto, resolve the past experience and craft a new way forward that is in alignment with your true self. Each person has a unique life experience. With EPT™ I am able to uncover YOUR unique blockages, so you can release it and move forward. If you're ready for targeted 1:1 support, reach out for more details. Rooting for you. xx


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