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What does it actually mean to walk the heart path?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Walking the heart path isn't a glamorous, 3-step process that promises quick “results.” It's not a manifestation technique. It's not religion or an attachment to dogma. There are no magic wands or wishes granted… It's much greater than all of this. Walking the heart path is a journeyed experience that involves intention (permission from your willing spirit), felt intelligence (embodiment) and fortification (strengthening).

The path is an exploration of uncovering truth, which can come with the crushing realization of things you held as truth, actually revealing themselves to be untrue. It requires courage and strength of will — for there are many habits to be unlearned, experiments to develop trust and deeply rooted conditioning to work through. In this world, we are not taught to walk the heart path. We are not taught to listen, nor trust what the heart actually has to say. So be gentle in your journey, compassionate with your heart-wounding and invite an open posture toward possibility.

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