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What Healing 17 Years of Chronic Cystic Acne Taught Me

I thought it was about acne. It was actually about self love and worthiness and trust.

I remember in my early 20s uncovering that my years of chronic cystic acne had a direct link to my lack of self love. After trying most of the conventional methods without success, I had shifted to a holistic approach (lymphatic drainage, nutritional support, all natural skin care, etc…). I was reading Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection and had an ah-ha moment. I realized that my persistent cystic acne had its roots in my inability to actually love myself. WOOF. I remember feeling super excited that I finally had a “clue” to this seemingly incurable situation I was experiencing!! And then it hit me — it was true. So now what? How the HELL do I love myself? Why don't I love myself? What is going on there? (Sidebar — many autoimmune issues are tied to one of these 2 emotional pathways: 1 • a lack of boundaries. Your body will start to say “no” for you. Or 2 • improper processing of anger & rage. The anger and rage have to go somewhere, so it takes on the energy of self-directed hate. In my case, I had to work through both of these energetics before any of the surface level things I was doing would "work." I struggled with chronic cystic acne for 17 years and now, I hardly even think about it.) Ok, back to it — Thus began my next chapter of uncovering what unconditional self love was. I wanted to study how it looked, what it felt like inside and out. I wanted to know how to cultivate more of it. How to fully embody it — every day, in every experience, through every mistake and every success. Working with EPT™ deeply supported this journey of discovering self love and taking it from a concept in my mind, to a truth in my body.

I've come to know self love as a supreme act & practice of grace.

To me it's about knowing your inherent worthiness and backing it with a deep trust in yourself. It's about gifting yourself grace, even when you don't think you “deserve" it. It's about understanding your own personal code of honor — your integrity — and staying in alignment with it. It's about forgiveness. It's about growing and learning, all while allowing yourself massive grace in the process. The truth is, choosing to change and grow takes courage and a willingness to see things differently. Which… is scary. It's unsettling to our nervous systems to implement new beliefs and ways of operating. One of my recent clients completed our 3 month container in early March. She came to me because she felt stuck in her career and life. After devoting herself to the same company for 12 years, she was at a standstill with growth. Getting passed up for promotions and recognition. Her self confidence was diminishing. She wasn't realizing her potential and it was draining her life force. During our time together…

  • She came to know her inherent self worth

  • She broke some rules 🙃

  • She started prioritizing her needs and desires over the needs and desires of her boss & company

  • She healed limiting beliefs about her capabilities & took aligned action to anchor the new truths in her reality

Some of the self-work she implemented was “simple” in concept, yet felt inaccessible to her before we released the negative patterns she had been carrying toward herself her entire life. It was time to own it — to own her role in keeping herself small. Take responsibility for her own limiting beliefs and the insecure energy she was conducting herself with. All with grace, compassion and forgiveness. She got the confidence to apply for a new job within the company. A role that excited her, but still scared her. She had to interview just like any other external applicant, and work through ALL of the preconceived perceptions other people held toward her from her 12 years of growing up at this company. She had to embody her future self (the one who already had the confidence, the knowing, the creativity, the energy) of the woman she truly is. Our work together disproved all the lies she had been telling herself. She showed the EFF up to her inner child and committed to her healing. She got the new job. Her new team and new boss actually TRUST and value her to do a good job. She likes the work and feels like “it's almost too good to be true." And she's now able to experiment with what it feels like to NOT give all her waking hours to a team & job that doesn't reciprocate her efforts. (What a concept!?) This happened because she showed up with a willing heart. She took the leap. She was ready for something more. Are you ready? I believe in you. xx


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