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When to Let Go of that Dream

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

I'd like to share a story to expand on the concept of acceptance I recently wrote about, as there are several nuances to how this may show up in your life. Sometimes we are holding onto a vision of what our life *should* look like so tightly that we are unable to make the space for that desire to arrive. When we do this, from an energetic perspective, we are actually financing the *idea* of desire instead of allowing the desire to be part of the equation.

We get so attached to the vision or the dream, and how it's supposed to look, that we lose our capacity to be in the present, therefore losing our alignment to what is meant to occur. I see this a lot in my work and in my own journey. TAKE THIS EXAMPLE 🕊 A client of mine had trouble getting pregnant. She spent four years trying before we began working together. By the end of our three months she finally, successfully conceived! As you can imagine we worked on many limiting beliefs. Some of which included:

  • Believing she was unable to conceive

  • Fearing she wasn't meant to be a mother

  • Feeling like this was all her fault, some kind of payment for not knowing if she wanted kids when she was younger

  • And more..

When she got pregnant, the journey of pregnancy had its own ups and downs. It wasn't the bliss-filled picture of pregnancy you see on social media, which she was fine with. And now… her baby boy is here. Arrived two weeks early, throwing all the birthing plans out the window. And, he is a tough one. He's healthy, yes 🙏 However, he is truly a “difficult baby.” In our last session, her system guided us to LET GO of the vision of what she thought this stage of motherhood would be, to bring her to the ACCEPTANCE of where she is right now. The need to fully release the picture of what this “should” look like. Acknowledging the pain of how f*cking UNFAIR this is that this process is STILL so difficult — after all these years of working toward it. And how many other women (in her life and online) have had much different experiences, more blissful experiences. And, of course we let go of the cocktail of mean self-judgement that she's done something wrong to deserve this. To allow the difficulties in the present to shift, we must let go of our RESISTANCE to the way things are – in reality, right now.

Is it time to let go of resistance to allow acceptance in?


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