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Your Body Knows How to Heal

In my facilitation of healing and transformation, my job is to illuminate where your mind, heart & body aren't on the same page & correct that. Together we set your body up to heal itself — letting Love do what Love does.

Here is what it looks like


  • giving your power away (to something, many things, someone or many someones)

  • stuck in decision paralysis (your mind lives in the world of all the potentials, so you’re spinning your wheels instead of moving forward)

  • feeling like you have ADD/ADHD (often this is a trauma response)

  • anxious or depressed (or both)

  • feeling like a victim to your addiction (and your shame follows suit)

  • you have weak boundaries (your desire to be “nice” overrides your own needs)

  • you aren’t showing up how you want to in life (you know you’re meant for something more)

2. WE IDENTIFY THE STORIES By letting your body guide where you're holding stuck emotions, we can identify the exact memories, the stories, the events, old traumas, etc that are keeping you stuck in this looping pattern. We then address the negative emotions associated with this pattern by moving them out of your body & energy field. 3. WE CREATE SPACE We reconcile the past so you can now hold your energy in the present and co-create your future. Without reconciliation, your brain will stay or return to its protective state — to keep you from experiencing the same pain as before. We work to safely transition your brain from the past, to your present and to allow *new* positive vibes (beliefs, emotions, energies) for your future to flourish. In this process, we gently honor any trauma that surfaces. 4. YOU MOVE FORWARD You leave each healing session empowered to make new aligned choices, to show up to your life and reality as it is with grace & acceptance. The energy of love can flow through you with more ease. self compassion becomes an ingrained trait and you begin to see how life supports you & your dreams. Moving forward in life is now safe, energizing & purposeful.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to become that version of you that you KNOW is there? In my 1:1 work with clients, we work with your WHOLE system — physical, energetic, emotional & spiritual — to create alignment, liberate your truth and allow you to live more authentically every damn day. If this is you, apply for my healing container today.


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