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Your Success is Inevitable

“Dear one, you have already arrived…”

This is what I heard one morning when I was stressing about my future. Actually, it came through my journaling practice, which is one of the primary ways I “hear” or receive guidance from my higher self.

Cue: shoulders softenting, breath deepening, mind slowing to ponder… “Wait, really? I have already arrived? What does that even mean?"

And then more words began pouring out… “It means – you Are. You are who you are. Who you are meant to be. Stop fighting for it. She's here and you are her. You can relax. You can just know you are and be.”

And that's when I defined a new core truth that I choose to live by: “My success is inevitable and I have already arrived.”

Can you believe your success in this life is inevitable? That you are deeply supported by life? That life, God and the Universe all delight in supporting you?

I didn't used to believe in this… because the pain in my life story would have me believing that God/the Universe forgot about me. I experienced something different than my friends (and even my family) around me. I felt like I was alone in life, so fearful that I would make a wrong decision… believing I had to shoulder it all on my own.

That's what trauma will do to you — confuse you into thinking you are alone or separate from others, from yourself and from God.

But then I started healing. I resolved a ton of my trauma. I began to trust my intuition and my inner voice started guiding me. I continue to become more of my true-self each day. Each time I “update” my life with my current desires. Each time I tell myself the truth about what isn't working for me anymore, each time I have the courage to follow that nudge from my heart… I become more me.

So, back to the idea...

That your spirit crew (God, Angels, Universe, Source, your Higher Self), deeply delights in supporting you and is here to help you create the life of your desires.

They collaborate with us through our belief. Through our faith. What you believe to be true about your life, your future, etc… is what will be true for you. And if you came in with a manual full of limiting beliefs, as most of us do, you've gotta learn to shift them. And sometimes that takes deeper healing.

If you can believe you have already arrived... that you are not waiting for some future moment to happen, but that you're here now – enough as you are today – where would you choose to go from there? How might you approach today differently?

I immediately experience a quality of ease after attuning to the truth that I am infinitely worthy, my success is inevitable and I've already arrived. The woman I've always desired to be is ME. TODAY. And I'm becoming the “next Beth Porter” so each day, my practice is to remove the things in my way of continuing to become who I am becoming.

Try it on! How does it feel to decide you are enough? Want to go deeper on this — tune into my Radiant Worth session this week!

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