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4 Month Mentorship

In my 1:1 container, we co-create a way forward in your life that is in a true, aligned relationship with who you are meant to be. It is less about about finding yourself out there; and instead an act of remembering who you have always been.

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Each container is a unique & special co-creation.

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Throughout my 1:1 work, I lead and witness different levels (or flavors) of transformation. From the deeply internal, tectonic-like shifts that express through subtlety and energetic poetry, to the dramatic external shifts that everyone in your field (your life) immediately notices and tangibly responds to.

The quality and path of change is always determined by your unique soul — not by me or any other guide.


Our role is to come together with intention and clear away the static in your field, so you can finely dial into how and where your soul is leading you.

Many shifts (big & small) will occur during our time together. Examples of what my clients have experienced are:

  • Discovery of and alignment with soul-gifts and the courage to share them with the world.

  • Releasing what is keeping them from feeling at peace in who they truly are.

  • A new sense of self belonging that ripples out into all aspects of life.

  • Letting go of old stigmas, false identities and labels like ADHD, laziness, addiction, etc.

  • New empowering relationships with loved ones. Healthy boundaries with family.

  • Healing and releasing unworthiness wounds.

  • The end of self-abandonment and attachment to martyr wounding.

  • Fresh energy, clarity and courage to go after their dreams and watch them unfold — new jobs, new partnerships, raises, new money streams, etc — all without abandoning themselves — while staying connected to their true essence.

  • Successful, healthy pregnancy after years of infertility.

Together We...

Work through fresh wounds and old traumas that have been holding you back, reconciling the inherent link between the places of then and now, and liberating a deep level of self empowerment.


We repair and rebuild the connection to your heart.


And, it’s not all sunshine and triumph over here. Some of my clients are in a deeply painful time in their lives, being presented with suffocating grief, loss and darkness. We connect in a sacred space to unravel the pain, soften into it with love and allow it to move through.

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Healing happens in connection; not in separation


“I have done what I would call a TON of work over the years, and truly have done NOTHING like your exact concoction of healing as of yet! It was a very deep, thorough, direct, and methodical approach that I could feel was powerful and legitimate. However, it is the way that you, Beth, as a truly powerful healer, hold such a beautiful space for the transformation. I felt seen, held, supported, understood, and ultimately, transformed...that is the mark of a true healer. I also deeply enjoyed the process, as you are hilarious and made me feel so completely at ease. You made it feel effortless. The way you related your own experiences and talked me through each part of the process was truly remarkable. You are the "real deal" and I can't wait to work with you again in the future."



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As mentioned above, each container is tailored and unique to the client to allow room for the inner and outer transformation that is meant to occur at this moment in time. That said, below is a framework for our work together along with tangible aspects that are included:

  • Across 4 months, sessions occur weekly for 3 weeks with a one week integration break (3 weeks on, 1 week off).

  • My sessions are co-created orchestrations of healing, guidance and transformation with each session running up to 90 minutes in duration. We will meet on zoom or over the phone.

  • In a session, we come together to work (and play, tend, study, show up) with what is presenting in your life. Our work together will be a combination of Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™), energy healing, tailored assignments and medicinal practices. I blend my commitment to healing, relationship to reality, gifts of seeing and curation, my certification in EPT™, my work with the Akashic Records and my personal transformative journey to facilitate this beautiful work with soul-led explorers.

  • Inside the container, you will receive a Human Design reading & a North Node life-direction session in which you will study your particular energetic blueprints.

  • We open and close the container with intention through ceremony.

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The Structure


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My role as a guide and mentor is to hold your vision with you and for you. I am here to facilitate the process of safely and securely, letting go of all that doesn’t serve you at this time in your journey. I hold this container committed to deep love and reverence for your soul. I am here to help reflect back your true nature while you’re in the process of releasing and shedding, redefining and remembering who you really are. This can look many different ways for each individual:

  • Carving out space in your mind, body and spirit for clarity and potency.

  • Dissolving your loyalty to needing the energy of struggle and chaos in your life.

  • Learning how to work with emotions that are yours and not yours.

  • Releasing generational and past life trauma that is lingering in your body.

  • Learning to live from your heart; learning to discern your truth.

  • Taking practical action steps to integrate and anchor your healing.

  • Balancing the action side (yang) of living with the being side (yin) of existing — creating a healthy relationship to the cohesion in your system.

  • Full acceptance of exactly where you are in each present moment.

  • Rewiring what you believe you’re capable of, building confidence in the action side of your being while trusting your unique rhythm.

  • Marrying the quickness of the mind with the slowness of the body.

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The Investment
My private containers are a 4 month commitment and $4,000 USD with payment plans available.

Entering a container together is a beautifully sacred commitment. The power of entering in this space (or any space you choose) for deep inner and outer transformation requires a clear, discerned decision. Discernment is something only you can come to in your own time. The highest form of my authentic energy is poured into my 1:1 container work. I treat each container as a sacred place for deep, intentional healing and transformation — our energy is precious. Commitment looks like:

  • Courage to "go there" with yourself.

  • Openness to cultivate a learning mindset in areas where you may have been previously fixed.

  • Showing up to the assignments and putting in your side of the work to help train your system to operate in new ways. Our time together is a co-creation which means you are in charge of how you show up.

  • A willingness to allow experiences like depression, stuck-ness, resistance, grief, fear, etc to be information for you, to show up as part of your medicine. I am here to guide the way and lead you through, and you are here to honor the truth of your experience.

No more secrets • come as you are

all of it fits just right • heart to heart

there's no tradition • nothing by the book • All you need is courage • Have the strength to look


Please note: I dedicate my energy to very few clients at one time, so spaces for my private mentorship are on a limited and availability basis.


  • Select a time for us to connect and we will meet together, face-to-face on zoom. When you pick a date for our call, you’ll be prompted to complete a series of questions.

  • In our call together, I like to learn where you are in your process & journey. We will take space to clear any questions, share the flow and frequency of working 1:1 and sense if coming together in this container is correct for us both.

  • There is no pressure to make a decision on the call. I invite you honor the correct time and space to address your own process.



I look forward to meeting you. 🙃

"I felt totally lost in my identity and my purpose. I felt some disconnection with my children and felt as if I couldn't even imagine what I would want out of life. I felt like all was hopeless and that I had become such a great disappointment. I was stuck and was seeing repeating patterns show up in my life again and again. Beth has not only helped me release some past trauma in my life and stuck emotions, but has helped me see who I am uniquely supposed to be and what I am here for. It is incredibly comforting and exciting, and is incredible to be truly SEEN. One of the greatest gifts Beth has given me already is a better relationship with my young children. I can enjoy my time with them. I can have fun, strengthen my bond, and be present with them as I work on myself."

-Amanda B.

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