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The Healing Experience

Below are words, stories and video testimonials sharing praise for this sacred work I have facilitated with my clients. Healing changes your life. Doing the work — works. 

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Healing Grief

Emily shares about her experience with EPT™ and her journey in healing the tremendous grief she experienced after the death of her father.

Healing Grief
Amanda G.png

"This felt like more of a science to me than energy work I've had in the past. This one session was far more profound than several sessions I've had with other healers, it felt very quick to get to the root issue. You are an incredibly powerful energy worker. I'm beyond grateful for our session, and every day this week I've just sat to think about it while discovering new nuances within the things we uncovered. 🖤"

-Amanda G.

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"Working with you was really different than working with others (compared to talk therapy, grief groups, energetic healings like Reiki sessions) — you were in direct communication and in tune with my body in ways that I never have been let alone others.


You could pinpoint moments of when I took on an emotion or someone else's emotion/feelings. And we cleared it in really empowering ways that gave me agency and power back over my life — and those feelings carried me forward, I didn't just feel them in our session but the next day and the next. I truly felt things clear my body and energy, especially big energetic clearings/beliefs/patterns/emotions. Thank you for everything."


-Emily B.


"Your energy is amazing. The moment we connected I relaxed and grounded my energy. You have very tender and healing energy. You held space for me in the most gentle and comforting way possible.

I have become much more relaxed and my anxiety levels have immensely dropped. I have also realised that a lot of my beliefs were not mine. I had been carrying this burden for a long time. I saw it, accepted and released it.


Every now and then I still feel shadows lingering in my subconscious mind but I know I’m strong and in control to change that. You gave me a confidence boost and equipped me with some techniques to deal with insecurity and fear. You showed me that it’s ok to be afraid but that I don’t need to give in my fears."


-Elitsa P.

"I found Beth and her healing modality almost three years ago now. I had no clue what it was or what it was about, and at this point I can't even remember what page I found her through. But her bio was linked to another healer's page I was looking at and it resonated with me, so I went to her page and scheduled a clarity call with her.


I was hooked immediately when she said she could help me unearth the issues causing my thyroid disease, but I never put healing as a priority and didn't go forward with her. I sincerely regret that now. I have had a few sessions with a different healer also practicing EPT, but that person was not able to unearth what Beth was able to do for me in one session. I signed up with her to do a free healing session for her series that she was doing around money.


It ended up being the perfect day, because I had found out I did not get a job that I thought I really was going to get, and was at a point where I didn't even know if I was going to be able to pay next month's rent. As sensitive as that situation was, Beth treated it so lovingly and with such care. She was able to extract a pattern in my life that I had never even come close to connecting. I would love to work with her more in the future when I am able to financially afford to do so because if she could pull that pattern out of me in one free session, imagine what she could do for me in a 1:1 container!


- Kelly Z. 

*Within 2 weeks of our session, Kelly received unexpected financial support from a family member and landed a new job in her chosen field. She continues to build on the big shifts created from our session together. Go Kelly! Watch her live healing session here.

Want to see a healing session in action?


"I'm feeling energetically much lighter, almost instantly after our healing. As time went on and the healing integrated, I am no longer triggered by my initial pain point, and my sense of worthiness and confidence has grown in a quantum leap. My ability to execute and create the life of my dreams feels much more accessible than it did before our healing!"


-Cassondra K.

"From financial blocks, to toxic relationships, Beth's work brought so much awareness and enlightenment to numerous areas in my life. That alone was POWERFUL. But then, to actually have the opportunity to reprogram those patterns was a whole new layer that I found deeply profound + healing. I am so grateful to have met Beth and to be introduced to such an amazing healing technique. I highly recommend working with Beth."​

-Elizabeth P.

Emily Dukes.jpeg

"I didn't even know what my major cause of frustration was in my current relationship, and feelings of being "stuck" and unable to move forward. This work absolutely accomplished more than I was even anticipating and revealed another layer of a mother wound I desperately needed to heal. Beth brought through memories I honestly didn't even realize I had and enabled me to connect the dots in an entirely new way."

-Emily D.

"I want to express my thanks for the work you've been doing with Amanda. Over the last several months, I have noticed a significant difference in Amanda's outlook on life. She has a renewed confidence, calmness, and sense of purpose that is truly transformative and uplifting. As a side effect, our relationship has grown even stronger; I feel our bond and love has elevated to a new level. I can feel it in my body. The growth Amanda has exhibited as a result of working with you has ignited a fire within myself to pursue similar personal growth. The work you are doing is clearly life changing, so please continue to do what you do best and bring good into this world."

-C.B. (Client's Partner)

Amanda B.jpg

"I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for YOU. Things have started all coming together and I could never have imagined that I could feel this way and that I could actually strive for a purpose and career that I have always seen as a "risk". You help me clear out the stories in my head that don't have to be true, and see what can be. You also directed me to where I needed to go. I was so desperate to find some stability, that I was willing to walk away from what is in my Human Design. Without spending this time with you, it would have taken me forever (or never) to realize what I am actually here for."

-A. B.

"Three months ago I started working with the magical Beth Porter in a private container. I was ready to shift the way I show up in friendships, so I could enjoy the deeply special women in my life more fully. I thought I understood the roots of this issue pretty well; I thought our work together would be straightforward. And maybe a different healer would have stayed on the surface, but Beth is a magician of compassion and grace, and she tends to your wounds with a nuance that will blow you away. We went deeper than I ever would have imagined, and all with a deep gentleness. In our container we tended to friendships, yes, but also resolved deeply rooted ancestral and inner child traumas and the resulting rage and shame and fear. She helped me let go of things I did not even know that I was carrying. I do not say this lightly — she changed the trajectory of my life. If you feel called to work with her, if you have a lingering issue that you are ready to release, a false layer you are ready to shed — you could not be in better hands. Thank you, Beth Porter."



"I’ve done countless healing workshops, therapy modalities and have met amazing healers throughout my life and I can confidently say that working with Beth has been the fastest and most rewarding healing experience ever. In our first call she illuminated things that had never come up before and opened up a new world for me. I worked with her to heal my money traumas and limitations and by doing so, not only did we heal some aspects of that but also healed and expanded my relationship with the masculine energy. Since working with Beth I feel so much more supported, able to attract the right romantic partners in my life and FEEL in my bones how worthy I am of receiving money. Simply put, working with Beth has changed my life and I want everyone to benefit from this magical experience."


Life Transformation

From Karin's perspective, what it is like working with EPT™ to heal, transform and live a life in deeper alignment.

“I had an underlying depression and confusion that caused me much pain personally and in some relationships. After the session, I have released much of the depression & have more clarity. I have separated what is not mine to hold and helped shift that old narrative. The illusion is lifting. This modality cuts straight to the core origin of the energy pattern & helps heal & change it so efficiently. It really is amazing & I'm super grateful. Beth has an intuitive wisdom that helps guide the session to even greater depth with grace and compassion."


Michelle Voeller.png

"I have been working with Beth for many months & am consistently blown away at the insight & healing that comes through her healing sessions. She has helped me gain awareness & release old emotions that are no longer needed at present time. I am grateful for this process & Beth is a gifted, compassionate practitioner. I highly recommend her to help anyone get “unstuck” & more clear to move forward in life."

-Michelle V.

"The love and forgiveness that I’ve experienced in the last few months is a testimony to the work that Beth does! Her intuition is right on. Before I began working with her, it seemed my life was spiraling out of control. I had so much anxiety over certain situations that had shown up, that I was pretty desperate after trying talk therapy and such. She guided me through forgiveness in a way that I have never experienced before, not just for others but towards myself!"

-Julie M.

Olivia M.png

"Oh, Beth, you're just the best. So gentle, so good at creating and holding space for whatever comes up, and somehow knowing just what to say. Before our session, I was stuck looping in so many unhelpful emotions and couldn't see a way out. Afterwards, I felt so much lighter and I could find my trust in the fact that I would find my way through again.


- Olivia M.

Shifts that Keep Shifting

Hear about Jimena's first hand experience & the shifts that occurred (and continue to occur) after her healing sessions.

"So thankful for you. ❤️ I’m so excited, the coma-like fatigue that I’ve experienced for 20 years has not come back since we did our session on my addiction to fatigue and released the traumas with it, I hosted thanksgiving and no crash afterward, I feel like the other half of life that I’ve been missing because of the fatigue is being given back to me. Amazing and so thankful!!

The bodily detox was strong with a headache, needing to sleep for 13 hours straight and then muscle tightness in my neck for a few days, all detox symptoms but no familiar fatigue and was able to do all I wanted cool ;)"

-Kim K.


"The healing that came through this session is beyond words. We addressed core pain I've been carrying for so, so long; validated it; and kindly and thoroughly gave it permission to move after it was fully witnessed, and FELT!! You knew just where to go. I didn't even know!"

-Victoria M.

"EPT is one of the most effective tools I've ever used to identify, understand, and release energy and past traumas. After working with Beth, my relationships are more dynamic, my anxiety has decreased massively, and my skin (one of the issues I worked on with Beth) is more clear and consistent than it's been in 3 years! So grateful for this process and how magical Beth is!"

- A.S.

Brittany Carter.jpeg

"After just one session, I feel like I've cracked open a door that I shut a long time ago. And that alone is a big step. That door opens me up to addressing the fears, the shame, and hopefully to ease my anxiety and allow me to be more present and truly enjoy the last 3 months growing my little human. Beth has a gift of really understanding and framing messy, emotionally charged situations and traumas that get to the deep and sometimes painful core in such a gentle and loving way. It makes facing them less scary and more empowering.”


- Brittany C.

"I absolutely LOVED working with Beth. She exudes such a calm, gentle, and magical energy. During our healing session, Beth offered such profound guidance and support. It was such a comfort to feel truly seen and held by her energy. I went into the session, not knowing what I needed to work on but the issue that Beth brought forth was exactly where I needed to go. She navigated all the complex layers of what came forth so beautifully. Since our session, I have felt so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted. I was able to let go of so much guilt. My thoughts are more focused, and life is flowing freer for me now."

-JoAnne W.

Rebecca S.png

"Beth! I cannot even begin to tell you the number of dots we connected together during our session. It was so pivotal for me to be able to link my current patterns of behavior to an incredibly tender moment from my childhood, and it's unlocked so much understanding and freedom for me. I also researched the part of the body that spoke during our session and led us to these memories, and what I found was magical and spot-on! Truly just wowed. Before I was a bit nervous, but totally ready to dive deep — which we sure as hell did! Afterwards, I feel both physically and emotionally freer! I had a session with my talk therapist the next day and even she was able to notice a difference in my energy. It's only continued to ripple out into other areas of my life, and I truly cannot wait for another session."


- Rebecca S.

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