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Let it Go

How to forgive and start living the life you truly want to be living

Ask Yourself

→ Are you feeling stuck in a loop of pain that you can’t get out of?

→ Do you have resentments from the past that are keeping you from being present?

→ Are you tired of having dreams for your life that you can’t seem to access?

→ Are you feeling anxious all the time and can’t seem to move through it?

→ Do you know you have a hard time letting things go, but want to be free of the past?

→ Are you ready to heal from a past relationship or trauma, and you aren’t sure where to start?

→ Have you heard the idea “forgive and forget” but it doesn’t seem to land for you?

→ Have you written off the idea of forgiveness long ago when you saw it being modeled in your church, family or community?

→ Have you been so deeply hurt that it feels impossible to forgive?

You are worthy of living a life you love. Forgiving the past is your key to moving forward in alignment. Is it time for you?

My Story

Hi, I am Beth Porter. In 2013, I left an abusive relationship and began my journey of forgiveness. At the time I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, I thought I was simply “healing.” Step-by-step I reclaimed my authority in my life and began to operate from a different place. A place of wholeness, worthiness, self-trust, self-love and forgiveness.

Learning how to forgive has helped me:

  • heal 17 years of cystic acne

  • reconcile my past abusive relationship, including my role and responsibility in it; and to feel authentic love for and freedom with my past partner (without having to hash it out with him directly)

  • reclaim my authority in life and begin creating my life with intention while honoring my individual journey

  • understand how to live inside the nuance of life — where reality is — instead of trying to force myself to be somewhere I’m not (bypassing)

  • heal my learned and innate co-dependent behaviors; stand up for myself in a more loving and boundaried way

  • maintain a healthier relationship to anger; and continue to learn how to trust life and release control

  • live inside of grace as a default way of being, instead of trying to be perfect

Like many of you, I grew up hearing about forgiveness so much that it lost it’s meaning. When I look back, I honestly do not remember seeing forgiveness in action — I was surrounded by adults, authority figures and church leaders that claimed you should “forgive and forget” who clearly held onto deep resentments in their heart.

As a sensitive child, I could feel the hypocrisy and the energy of depression that confused the purity of this concept — and so I was very confused. While these folks and my family had good intentions, something really didn’t add up for me.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I started consciously diving into forgiveness. It began with a new years resolution to unpack and understand unconditional love. And today I continue to be a student of this frequency. Once I learned the mechanics of the true form of forgiveness, not the distorted version I mentioned above, I began to practice it in moments and now live it as a way of being.

Forgiveness is not a thing you “do” but rather a frequency you choose to “be.” It’s a choice, a commitment, to step through the door of grace. It requires intention, yes… and a willingness to let go.

And this is what I am teaching you in this course — how to let go by forgiving authentically. When we forgive the past, we make space for something new. When we aren’t clogged up with past resentments, we get to live more freely, with intention. When we let go of the things that hurt us, or the things we’ve done that hurt others, we take our power back and can use it for good. When we understand grace — we can do anything.

The Process

In this course you will learn how to forgive through the following modules:

Pre-work - Get started today! Pre-work will be emailed to you as soon as you sign up.

What do you know you need to let go of, but you aren’t sure how? Tell yourself the truth. Be honest with yourself. What are your fears around letting it go? What are you afraid will happen to you? What are you afraid will happen to another person if you let it go? What are you afraid it will mean about you? If you weren’t living with this burden, how might you imagine your life could be? Who are you angry with (dead or alive)?

Module 1 - What forgiveness isn’t.


Clearing the distortion that we’ve been taught. True forgiveness is freedom. Forgive and forget is delusion. What we were taught is depression… What forgiveness isn’t …. what happens when we learn it through distortion… - explain how this class will go — include google form for questions (with an anonymous option)

Module 2 - Forgiveness is a frequency:


Go through the mechanics of forgiveness. How we get there. Where it lives - in the quantum field. The path from intolerance - understanding - forgiveness…

Module 3 - How to work with blocks to forgiveness


justified anger, deep pain, unthinkable issues, when you’ve done something hurtful… the energy of blame and shame… Emotions are useful until they are not.

Bonus Week* - Live healing sessions


Choose 2-3 volunteers to go through the healing process using this method … Forgiveness in Action - HOT SEAT HEALING // Forgiveness Coaching

Module 4 - Letting it go - Its a choice - Freedom through forgiveness 


talk about how in life we get what we believe we can have and forgiveness is the energy that CLEARS up the b.s. so we can know what’s in our hearts and then align with that… We can only become the authors of our lives when we are holding the pen…


I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals from different backgrounds all around the world who have decided to heal, let go, and change their lives for the better. Your life is YOURS. It’s time to let go of what has been and create something new.

"This felt like more of a science to me than energy work I've had in the past. This one session was far more profound than several sessions I've had with other healers, it felt very quick to get to the root issue. You are an incredibly powerful energy worker. I'm beyond grateful for our session, and every day this week I've just sat to think about it while discovering new nuances within the things we uncovered. 🖤"

-Amanda G.

About Beth Porter

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here. As an EPT™ practitioner, I’ve worked with the mechanics of forgiveness to help my clients heal from the experiences in their lives that have held them back from TRULY living. Without forgiveness, there is no healing, there is no moving forward in life.

I believe our ailments, physical and otherwise, are here to lead us to our ultimate truth, our power, and our authentic lives. I’ve helped my clients heal from chronic physical pain, elusive autoimmune disorders, abusive relationships, infidelity, eating disorders, infertility, deep anxiety, being stuck in grief, unresolved hatred, low self-esteem… the list goes on. Underneath your pain, lives your truth and your heart’s desires.

I’m deeply passionate about helping others become the authors of their lives. Instead of living by an inherited rule-book, it’s time to write your own rules. But, to do that, you have to reprogram the way you think about yourself, your life, what you are worthy of and what you are capable of. I have found that real forgiveness is a very quick and effective way of naturally realigning yourself to your truth — without pretending, without bypassing, but by honoring reality.

Forgiveness is a tool of liberation. I work with it in my life and in my private healing sessions and now I’m so excited to share it with you in this course! I’m so excited to dive in on July 11th!

What to Expect

We start July 11th!

  • Classes are weekly on Thursday evenings 6 pm MST

  • Each class will be between 60-90 mins

  • Classes will be recorded and you’ll have access to the replay within 48 hours of the initial class

  • You’ll have an opportunity to get your specific questions answered with the option for it to be answered anonymously - At the end of class I will answer questions and I will provide a form for you to submit questions in between sessions for me to cover in the next class.

  • Class 4 will be hot-seat healing! I’ll select a few volunteers and we’ll walk through the forgiveness process together. This class will be very powerful.

  • I recommend taking a specific goal through this course so you can experience a tangible result. This is why I’m adding in a session for live healing. If you are feeling particularly stuck, we’ll dive in together and see what needs to be shifted for your particular situation.

Schedule - all classes begin at 6pm MST and will run 60-90 mins in duration

July 11 - Module 1

July 18 - Module 2

July 25 - Module 3

August 1 - Live Healing

August 8 - Module 4

Healing occurs in the acceptance of where you are now — not where you want to be

Sign up now to get the pre-work and we’ll begin LIVE on July 11th!

Pre-work - journal prompts - deliver in Flodesk workflow

  • write what you need to forgive… or let go

  • what are you ready to let go of

  • what are you not ready to let go of that you desire to let go of

  • what is it costing you to hold onto un-forgiveness

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