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What is EPT™

One of the primary healing tools I work with is called EPT™ which stands for Emotional Polarity Technique™.


EPT™ is a beautiful trauma-informed modality, that at this point in time isn't super well known. I'm deeply interested in unearthing the true, soul-level Self and cultivating a relationship to this Self while living in our present reality. EPT™ has been, by far, the most powerful healing modality I've encountered in my journey — as it unifies your spiritual with your physical world. 


In a single session — we release stuck emotional patterns from your body, freeing it up to allow life force energy & unconditional love to flow through your system. From a more tangible perspective, the result is having the ability to access full acceptance of who you are in this moment. A practice of reclaiming the lost, hurt parts of you and honoring your wholeness. To see a session in action, click here.

Are you doing all the *things*

(self-work, therapy, “surrendering to the flow,” eating healthy, meditating, etc) and still feeling stuck?

It's time to for an upgrade to your system. This is an indicator that your body does not feel safe leaving its old ways — so the beautiful habits you’ve built aren’t as effective as they should be until you resolve what the body is holding onto. The key in this resolution is being in receptivity and full acceptance of your life now.


Doing "the work" is meant to actually work! If what you're doing isn't working, it's not YOU. It's time to try something new.

What to Expect in Your Session

The Process

Each session is as unique as each individual. And since the healing process is guided by your body and your life experiences — there isn't a linear "plan" to your healing. Healing and transformation occurs in the present, when your nervous system is stable, when you feel safe and open, and are in acceptance. My role is to lead you gently to that unified space.

  • When we come together, I tune into your body and see where you are holding unresolved negative emotions in relationship to the current experience you are having trouble with.

  • I ask your body what emotions are being stored where and what it has connection to (for example, anger hangs out in the liver; unprocessed grief can be found in your lungs, paralyzed will in the kidneys, vulnerability in the heart, etc.)

  • Then we discover the story behind it and physically release the entire emotional pattern from the body.

  • From that point we discover if this emotional pattern is Trauma (phase 1 or phase 2) — and we address that accordingly. Learn more about how I work with Trauma here.

  • Taking care to keep your system feeling safe and regulated, we resolve the old wounding through forgiveness and holding that experience, that story, that pain in the light of truth and love.

  • Next we integrate a new, more aligned story connected to who you truly are, which opens up the space for you to step into a new version of yourself with love and acceptance.

On Wholeness

A loving reminder — we are all, ALL of the things. Meaning, we all have capacity for hatred, anger, and disgust while holding the capacity for joy, happiness, love, etc. We're complex, multidimensional beings. It's all inside. And all important to acknowledge and witness. Unresolved emotions get physically stuck in our organs and cause dis-ease. Instead, allow them by noticing them and loving them. That is what transforms. This is having an intimate relationship with life.

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Having an intimate relationship with life takes courage; give yourself credit.
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The Healing Experience

Recorded accounts from past clients



"This felt like more of a science to me than energy work I've had in the past. This one session was far more profound than several sessions I've had with other healers, it felt very quick to get to the root issue. You are an incredibly powerful energy worker. I'm beyond grateful for our session, and every day this week I've just sat to think about it while discovering new nuances within the things we uncovered. 🖤"

-Amanda G.

Healing occurs in the acceptance of where you are now — not where you want to be

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