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Thank you for working your magic on me last night. Seriously, you have stepped into your gifts and I’m so honored and grateful to be able to benefit on such a deep level. 

I’m trying to write in my journal right now and all I can write is MAGIC. The process blows my mind every time. Sending you love.

-Katy | Minneapolis 

Hey! Our sesh last night was really great. So much of what we did, along with your commentary really resonated and in turn, I’m seeing some things much more clearly. Beth, you truly have -and are a gift. I’m still buzzing from it all. Looking forward to the next. Thank you!

-Jake | Minneapolis 

EPT has been a very helpful way to work through some issues that I couldn’t express through traditional talk therapy  & communication or even internal thought. Beth is a wonderful medium for this technique - passionate & intuitive; a natural healer. Highly recommended!

-Leah | Colorado

EPT is one of the most effective tools I've ever used to identify, understand, and release energy and past traumas. After 7 sessions, my relationships are more dynamic, my anxiety has decreased massively, and my skin (one of the issues I worked on with Beth) is more clear and consistent than it's been in 3 years! So grateful for this process and how magical Beth is!

-Aleka | Colorado

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