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Hi, I'm Beth Porter

I am a healer, spiritual coach, and life guide. Since 2018, I have dedicated my life to healing and integration, working with individuals worldwide to help them reclaim their personal authority.

As a certified EPT™ practitioner, I guide you in transforming your wounds — such as traumas, unprocessed emotions, pain, limiting beliefs, past life imprints, and more — so you can fully be yourself in this world.

It's time to uncover the root of your pain and let it go. Are you ready to be the author of your life? 

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Healing is about reconciling who you thought you were with who you truly are.

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I'm interested in soul liberation

My work is intended to quickly get to the root of what you’re dealing with. From there we create true resolution, honor trauma and make space for your path forward. You will leave having transformed negative energies such as confusion, depression, anger or disappointment into the energy of possibility & freedom.

The path of healing is not linear. There are no perfect prescriptions, formulas or rules. It's messy as hell and I'm here to guide you through it.

With Deep Gratitude

"Truly a life changing experience. You were able to identify a specific trauma that I was holding onto and gave me the chance to let go of old thought patterns and behaviors that have been holding me back from the life I've always wanted. What a gift.


I can't help but think how beautiful this world is to have such an amazing healer like you in it. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and allowing someone life myself get another chance to life a truly fulfilling life."

-Crystal T.

Our bodies have an incredible intelligence and are always positioning us to heal, evolve and expand.
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