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A Love Note About Doubt

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Today I want to share a little on doubt. Doubt pays a visit every time I am expanding into something bigger. Every time I am creating something new. And, every time I am showing more of myself to the world. Doubt is an essential part of the process of expanding, shifting and evolving into a higher version of yourself. And instead of fearing it, ignoring or being thrown off when it shows up, I choose to have a relationship with it.

Now when doubt arises, I give it the floor – I hear it out and run the energy through my system. I choose to allow the doubt so as to not give it any extra power over me. And then I take care of it. When I can clearly see the doubt, then I know exactly what I'm working with. Doubt is actually serving up my limiting beliefs on a silver platter. 🙏 When I have awareness of what exact beliefs I'm carrying, I can then cross reference them with what I believe is my truth.

If the messages from doubt are incongruent with my core beliefs, I can easily disprove them and be on my way. If they are a little sticky – if they hold an extra charge or I can't seem to shake them free – I take note of them and invite a way forward where I don't carry that belief any longer. From there, I let the correct “thing” to arrive and help me release the unhelpful belief. Sometimes that thing is a teacher, a book, a podcast or a soulful conversation with a friend.

Regardless, I trust that LIFE is ALWAYS supporting me, on my side and helping me succeed. So, I inherently trust that life will show me what to “do” in the face of uncertainty. Allowing doubt to be part of your process, rather than fighting it, helps you to build a stable relationship with your self-trust.

Hear About Jimena's Experience:

Remember: DOUBT will ALWAYS show up. Self-doubt will always play a role in anything courageous you are doing.

Stick with it Hang in there Allow the doubt to exist, but don’t let it take over Trust it's part of the process, and not the end result Hold onto faith Believe in grace Life is here to support you, always Proceed with Gentleness


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