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How to Find the Root of Your Trauma

Updated: Jan 14

We now know that unresolved trauma is stored in the body. And we also know that trauma heals when you address the root of it.

But how do you actually find the root of it? What if you can’t consciously remember what happened (which is common with trauma) or it’s buried somewhere in your subconscious body? What if it’s unprocessed generational trauma?

We know that trauma isn’t the event itself, but instead the way your body processes a painful event.

Some experts suggest journaling to get to the bottom of it by noticing your triggers and beginning to work backwards — questioning when the first time you experienced that feeling was. Others suggest talking to your family to uncover history, especially if you suspect it is generational trauma. Some experts recommend doing breathwork or meditations.


There is a more direct path to uncovering what is stored in your body and ready for you to heal. Our subconscious body is like a computer, storing all of our memories and experiences including our inherited memories.

When I work with a client in my EPT™ sessions, I connect into their subconscious body using muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) to pin-point exactly where your unresolved trauma is stored. I then ask the body if there is a root event or memory that we need to go back to in order to create healing. If yes, we identify what age the client is at this time and what emotions are associated with the experience, allowing us to more easily uncover the story that was there.

After that, we collaborate with your body to interfere with the neurological pattern that is running on autopilot when this particular trauma gets triggered. Using a combination of muscle testing, magnets and intentional deep breathing, we effectively release the stuck pattern restoring your system to its regenerative nature.

Once we release the stuck pattern, it’s important to reconcile the memory to allow your brain, body and spirit to effectively move on.


  1. When your root memory tests as traumatic, we determine which phase of trauma the memory is associated with (phase 1 or phase 2).

  2. Then, in conjunction with our process for reconciliation (where I lead you to authentic forgiveness of the unresolved event and creation of a new way forward), we gently support the brain to stay resourced, safe and present while we shift your narrative. This helps us to keep your nervous system regulated as we are introducing new concepts into your being.

As you may be gathering, many things are occurring simultaneously in an EPT™ healing session. This process is truly multidimensional, initiating a tectonic shift in your system allowing the positive effects to continue to ripple out long after your session.


  1. Don’t let a practitioner push their agenda. If you’re not ready to “go there” — then don’t. As I said earlier, your body knows what is ready to heal and there is a way in that will feel safe for you. You are always in charge of your healing, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Be willing to hold your boundaries and trust the way you feel.

  2. To build off the first suggestion, if you’re not feeling safe with your practitioner, whether they are trauma-informed or not, it’s a sign to say no. It’s important for the healing of your trauma that your nervous system calibrates to a regulated state as you are retraining your brain, body and spirit to exist without the trauma.

  3. That said, don’t address your trauma alone. One of the biggest mistakes I see is clients “going into” their trauma through a recorded meditation or recorded breathwork session. One of the reasons our system will record something as traumatic is that at the time we believed we were alone (literally or figuratively), so addressing it on your own could re-trigger the trauma.


If you have trauma that you know is holding you back in life, or you presume your problematic patterns (anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, etc) may be linked to an unresolved conflict in your past book an EPT™ session with me here.

*The information contained on this Website and the resources available for download through this website is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, medical or health advice. While the professional at Earth & Ether LLC addresses health issues and the information provided on this Website relates to medical and/or health issues, the information contained on this Website is not a substitute for medical or health advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.


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