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The Skillfulness of Acceptance

Updated: Jan 14

Acceptance is an often overlooked key to allowing the change that is meant to occur in your life. This is a nugget of wisdom that I come back to time and time again. It is one of those wise and simple concepts that, in our present world, can be very tricky to master: acceptance.

Acceptance holds the key to change. 🗝

How? On a very primary level, living in acceptance of your life (as it currently is) allows the flow of life (energy) to move through (your system, your body and aura) freely — without restriction or blockages. When acceptance isn't in place, we experience friction with the flow which can look like general confusion, frustration, banging your head against the wall, inability to see a path forward, etc. Often when we are trying to set our inner-compass toward a goal in life, we will lose this place of acceptance due to our desire to “be there” already. Or, if we are trying to keep something painful from our past from happening again, we will be pulled out of acceptance in order to ”protect" ourselves. This, as you can see, requires awareness and can sometimes be a delicate act of balance. I view this as a practice – something to work with again, and again. Each time you fall out of acceptance, lovingly and gracefully inviting yourself back. So how do we get to this illusive place of acceptance? In my 1:1 work with clients we take a look at what is keeping you from accessing and staying in the present moment. Often times, your body will point to a past situation that you are afraid will happen again. I also see the fear of the future playing a big role in this. Particularly being afraid that what you want for your future cannot happen. When we locate the root of the issue, we shift the narrative you hold around the situation using a combination of energy work (moving the old memory out of the body), resolution of the issue (through intentional forgiveness — where some serious magic happens) and finally, alignment and anchoring to the newly opened space in your present reality. It's a truly beautiful process. 🌱 And a radical one. To see yourself fall in love with the truth of your experience. To realize there is nothing more you need to “do” in order to “be” who or what you desire to be. It is in this process we can allow Spirit (God, Universe, Divine, etc..) to channel through us and enjoy the experience our life.

  • In this space we can stop trying to be something we aren't meant to be.

  • In this place we have clarity around what is meant for us and what isn't.

  • In this space, we are free — without the attachment to the idea that we are not enough as we are RIGHT NOW.

“Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there, or being in the present but wanting to be in the future. It's a split that tears you apart inside.” — Eckhart Tolle


Learn more about acceptance in my 7 Stages of Healing audio. Acceptance is stage 5. Download here.


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